Why You Shouldn’t Cut Costs in Your Landscaping Service

Almost every homeowner out there loves to save money. You probably prefer a “buy one take one” deal to a normal one, right? As much as possible, we look for discounted products just to save a few bucks.  

Thus, it is understandable whenever a homeowner suggests cutting a couple of services from their landscaping contract.   

However, cutting landscaping services is not a wise move at all. The truth is that it might even cost you more down the line.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some reasons why you shouldn’t cut some landscape services in your landscaping contract. 

Weed Control 

Even if you do not care a lot about weeds, other individuals do. This is particularly true if you are a landlord. Your residents, clients, and tenants care about weeds.  

You can make your place appear neglected and messy if the lawn is filled with weeds.  

Also, if you’ve got a lot of weeds, your landscaping team will have to mow your lawn more frequently since weeds grow faster than grass. Thus, any savings you plan from removing weed control from your contract will disappear when you pay for more mowing.  

Drainage Problems 

Perhaps you live in a region that does not get a lot of rain. Thus, you want to take your chances.  

However, you should skip it at your own risk. It can wash out the pavement if the drainage issue is near a sidewalk. If so, you’ll have to pay for fixing the drainage and fixing the sidewalk.  

Keep in mind that water is a strong force. Drainage problems can be sneaky. You will not notice them unless everything is out of control.  

Excess water can cause severe damage to your property. It can damage the retaining walls, driveways, sidewalks, and foundation of your property.  

If your property is damp, soggy, or having mildew issues, there are a couple of easy drainage solutions that will fix issues now, before they become major ones and hit you with some expensive repairs.  

Catch these issues beforehand. Else, you will have to pay a lot of money to repair major issues down the line.  

Dormant Pruning 

Perhaps you believe that dormant pruning isn’t too important. Well, the truth is that it’s vital. Your landscaping team will not have to prune as hard for the next several years after an excellent dormant pruning.  

However, it will take your landscaping team a lot of time to prune everything if you skip dormant pruning and your plants get too tall. Because of this, you’ll pay more for the maintenance expenses.  

Doing this in the first place is a wise financial move.  

Tree Trimming 

A lot of people want to save money by skipping tree trimming. However, it isn’t recommended. The reason for this is that if dying or weak branches fall to the ground, it can cause damage to property or injury to a person. Of course, this will cost you more.  

A professional landscaping company can detect weak branches and will get rid of them before they cause any damage.  

Reasons to Hire an Epoxy Coating Professional

There are a lot of reasons why you should think about installing epoxy coating for your commercial or industrial flooring. This includes pleasing aesthetics, ease of maintenance, excellent durability, and much more. Though the long life of epoxy makes it an affordable flooring solution, it does include a bit of a costly upfront price. 

You might be tempted to save money by doing the job on your own or hiring an uncertified individual. There are a lot of DIY guides on the internet on how to coat epoxy flooring on your garage. So, why can’t you apply the same concept on a bigger scale? 

Unfortunately, coating a floor with epoxy isn’t as a simple process as it might first appear. Also, a minor mistake can greatly damage your whole investment. 

Today, we’re going to share with you reasons why you should hire a professional for your epoxy flooring in Jacksonville. 

Reliable Completion Dates and Estimates 

If you’re a business owner, you know how important it is to minimize downtime as much as possible. Of course, you don’t want to have a major renovation project that can last a couple of days and cost more unexpected fees.  

If you hire a professional epoxy flooring contractor, you are working with a person who has a realistic view of how much labor and time is required to finish your project. They will be able to see possible issues early on and work that into their estimate, rather than being surprised during the actual project.  

Thus, you shouldn’t go for contractors who provide the lowest rate when comparing job estimates from various contractors. You should choose instead the one who thinks about every single err and detail on the side of caution. The reason for this is that there’s a high possibility that they will be able to honor their word down the line.  

Better Aesthetic Results 

A couple of forms of epoxy need more than just the ability to evenly spread the coating. Aside from preventing bubbles or blisters, you also need a person who understands the medium properly and knows how to apply graphics and straight lines that do not smudge or bleed.  

Of course, you will need a person who can prove they have successful completed it a lot of times before if you are planning to do a unique visual effect that requires artistic skills. This includes metallic, marble, or ripple design. 

Avoid Expensive Mistakes 

For those who don’t know, you’ve got to prepare carefully the surface before you can coat the flooring with epoxy. The coating will fail if you do not do it properly. For instance, epoxy can create unappealing bubbles or other flaws if you apply it on a floor that isn’t properly prepared or not at the correct temperature.  

To make things worse, the whole coating can fail to bond to the floor. If this happens the protection and strength of epoxy are compromised. This means that your floor is a lot better off without it. If you don’t want this to happen, hiring a professional is your best bet.  

Is Your Tree Healthy?

Pruning and trimming your tree might not be included in one of your chores. However, it’s appropriate that you stay on top of your tree’s health maintenance. Your tree might appear fine from a distance. However, there can be indications of decay or damage up close. Things such as root rot might be hiding beneath the surface and you want to ensure you resolve it before it turns into a major problem.  

It’s crucial that you hire a professional arborist that offers tree services if you’re worried about your tree’s health. You can have peace of mind if you know how to spot decay or damage in your tree.  

Twigs and Branches 

  • Breaking open a twig to see the interior color is a very simple way to identify the health of your tree. You need to see a bright green color when you open the twig. The branch you took the twig from is dead if you see anything black or brown.  
  • Be wary of dead branches. To see if your branches are dead, look at the bark and trunk indicators below. 
  • Be wary of sparse leaves on the branches during the blooming season. It’s an obvious sign that something is wrong with your tree.  


  • If you notice minor branches sprouting from the tree trunk’s base, it’s an indication that your roots are not healthy. It shows that your tree is experiencing a lot of stress. What can the tree stress be from? Well, human activities like applying too little or too much water, poor care, or improper planting might cause damage to your tree. This is according to professionals.  
  • If your tree is sick, it’s clearly hard to check the roots of your tree. However, there’s a high possibility that the roots were affected by the construction if you recently had construction projects near the tree. If this is the case, do not hesitate to hire a professional tree care company for help. 

Bark and Trunk 

  • Examine for fungal growth on the tree. Your tree might be experiencing rot from the inside if you notice huge clusters of fungal growth on the tree. 
  • Typically, the exterior layer of the bark falls off and is replaced with a new one if trees age. Unfortunately, a tree won’t be able to do this if it is sick. Thus, it can’t replace the old bark anymore.  
  • It can be an indication that your tree is rotting or dying if the bark shows indications of damage.  

What to Do If the Tree Is Sick? 

Pruning does not always fix the issue if your tree is sick. You might have to get rid of your tree, especially if it’s too late to save it. Keep in mind that tree removal is a dangerous process. That’s why it isn’t recommended to DIY. The best thing you can do is to hire a professional tree service company to remove the tree for you. If you don’t get rid of the sick tree, chances are it might affect other plants in the area.